Dog Adoption 101: A Guide to Finding Your Furry Soul Mate

  • Katherine Carbonaro
  • July 8, 2024
  • 4 Min Read

Welcoming a new canine companion into your home is a heartwarming experience, one that many aspiring pet owners do not take lightly. So much goes into deciding on a shelter dog, and for the best possible results, it’s a good idea for those seeking this option to be aware of what to do in order to pick the right pet. In this short guide, we’ll provide several tips for finding your furry soul mate while navigating your dog adoption journey.

Know What You Want in a Dog

A Guide to Finding Your Furry Soul Mate _ Know What You Want in a Dog

Before you set foot in a shelter to adopt a dog, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. Of course, you don’t have to have a concrete plan, but it’s important to have some basic parameters in mind when it comes to what you want in a dog. 

For example, do you want a high-energy dog or one that’s more mellow? Do you want a small breed or a large breed? Do you prefer younger dogs, or are you willing to adopt a senior? 

All of these are important questions to ask yourself if you’re planning to give a dog a forever home. The more thought you put into your dog adoption plan, the greater the likelihood that you’ll find the right shelter dog for your unique needs.

Pick a Reputable Shelter

A Guide to Finding Your Furry Soul Mate _ Pick a Reputable Shelter

As an aspiring dog owner, you probably want to take home a pet that’s happy, healthy, and fits the parameters of what you need in a pet. To accomplish this, it’s wise to be careful when choosing the shelter or shelters you’re going to visit. Not all animal shelters are created equal, so it’s important to research your options thoroughly. 

Visit several shelters and keep an eye on your surroundings during each visit. Does the shelter appear reasonably clean? Are the shelter staff members compassionate and knowledgeable about the different dogs they house? Does the shelter perform temperament tests for each dog before they allow an adoption to proceed? Ideally, you’ll answer affirmatively to these questions if you’re frequenting a reputable dog shelter.

Research Breeds

A Guide to Finding Your Furry Soul Mate _ Research Breeds

Every dog is unique, and as such, his or her behavior might not be the same as other dogs of the same breed. However, researching breeds is a good idea if you want to determine a baseline for the type of dog you want to take home with you. If you’re particularly interested in maintaining an active lifestyle and you want your new companion to accompany you on your daily walks or jogs, you might research active breeds to give you a better idea of what you’re currently looking for. 

Assuming you want a calmer, more mellow dog, you might want to research less high-energy dog breeds so that you can adopt a dog that aligns more with your laid-back personality.

Interact with the Dogs

A Guide to Finding Your Furry Soul Mate _ Interact with the Dogs

After you’ve had time to look around and choose a few potential candidates for your new forever friend, take time to interact with each dog you’re considering. Most shelters have space available where adopters can spend time with potential adoptees, so if you have the opportunity, use it. Even if you have to schedule more than one visit before you make your final decision, it’s a good idea to spend more time with a dog rather than less when it comes to your adoption choice. 

In addition to spending one-on-one time with the dog or dogs you have in mind, ask the shelter staff if they have any information on the dogs in question. Many times, these individuals will be able to provide you with incredibly helpful information that’ll make your decision a little easier. 

Understand Body Language

A Guide to Finding Your Furry Soul Mate _ Understand Body Language

It’s important to be able to read a dog’s body language when you’re thinking about bringing them home with you. However, it’s also important to understand that being in a shelter can be a frightening experience for these animals. While you want to devote your time to the dogs that are happiest to see you, it may be worth taking a closer look at those who may be a little less excited. 

Ultimately, you want a happy, friendly dog that displays soft and relaxed body language. Remember, though, a dog’s temperament may change somewhat when they’re no longer living in a shelter environment.

Choosing to adopt a dog is a decision that carries a wealth of joy, companionship, and a lifetime of cherished memories. As you embark on this journey, remember that thoughtful consideration and careful selection are the keys to finding the perfect furry companion. By defining your preferences, researching breeds, and visiting reputable shelters, you’re laying the groundwork for a harmonious partnership between you and your new pet.

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