My Pet Eats Local at Superzoo 2022

Special Edition Tote | Front
'My Pet Eats Local' & 'Magical Pets Eat local'

Special Edition Tote | Back
'Sharing the Love' Logo

Our debut limited edition ‘My Pet Eats Local’ tote includes artwork by Cassie Bauer, Astro’s Director of Customer Support, titled ‘Magical Pets Eat Local.’ The pets featured in her artwork are Astro’s very own adopted pets (right to left); Mark Keeran’s cat Jack, Kim Purdy’s dog Kona, Tessa Richardson’s cat Artemis, and Kat Carbonaro’s dog Huxley.

As a thank you for stopping by the Astro Booth at Superzoo 2022 to learn more about how your store can participate in ‘My Pet Eats Local,’ we would like to send you this limited edition tote. Click the button below to fill out the form and claim your free tote!